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Culture 2019: The Year in Review

By Bill Kaiser, Vice President

It’s time to take our last look at 2019 and begin our assault on the success and excitement that lie ahead in 2020. I hope that 2019 was an outstanding and rewarding year for you both personally and professionally. I wish you massive success in 2020!

I wanted to provide you with a summary of some of our “Blogs of 2019.” A convenient collection of the titles, brief summaries, and links to our Culture insights of this past year. We enjoy sharing and learning together and look forward to continuing the same in 2020. Click here for our complete blog library.

Your Culture Should Be Completely Unique, Right?

Actually, no. For the most part, the large majority of behaviors being practiced in a world-class company are likely the same behaviors you would want in yours. The difference between good and great? The extraordinary consistency with which you actually practice these behaviors.

5 Reasons to Make Culture a Priority

Everywhere you look these days, people are writing and talking about culture. The best organizations have realized the powerful role that culture plays in success and have made it a key strategic priority. There are 5 key drivers for this shift in prioritization, and one or more of these apply to virtually every one of us.

Coaching and Culture – What We Can Learn from March Madness

For any college basketball junkie, March Madness is the best time of the year. What is it about the typically dominant programs that make them perennial contenders for national championships?    Without a doubt, a major component is the culture these institutions have built. 

When’s The “Right Time” for Culture? Yesterday.

We too often focus our attention on the urgent tasks, rather than those that have the most long-term impact. Great leaders keep their organizations from getting mired in the urgent, and instead, they prioritize the most important and impactful activities – today.

How Do Your Employees Perform?

Your people are the difference. Sometimes that sounds sing-songy because in many organizations it’s an inauthentic claim.  In high performing cultures – it’s gospel. How your people behave and perform, day in and day out, is the only sustainable differentiation you have.

Culture as a Strategic Investment

So how and where does an investment in culture fit as it relates to internal investment strategy?  Often it falls to the back end of the list when in fact it should be at the front of the list. 

Practicing the Human Touch

In a world that’s become increasingly automated, we have fewer and fewer personal relationships in business. This Fundamental is about looking for and acting upon opportunities to show people that you care about them as individuals and not simply as transactions.

Drive Your Culture Through Accountability

And as leaders of high performing cultures, it’s how we show our people, ourselves, and the world how serious we are about our culture.  Without accountability, our efforts amount to little more than wishful thinking.

Using Culture as a Force Multiplier

When done right, culture can contribute significantly to every aspect of the organization. In short, it can be a “force multiplier.”

7 Keys to Integrating Remote Employees into Your Culture

Seven key ingredients in helping your remote employees become integrated into your organization while becoming significant contributors to your team.

“It’s Not My Job” and Other Workplace Frustrations

The starting point for any successful culture – defining what you want your culture to be and creating the opportunity to teach it over and over again.

Keeping it Fresh

One core element of the Fundamentals System™ is the use of rituals to help us consistently engage in and practice the Fundamentals in a sustainable way.  Rituals keep this from becoming yet another “flavor or the month.”  Eight suggestions for keeping rituals from becoming tired and meaningless. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to practice Fundamentals in 2020, just give us a call, click the button below, or consider joining us at Summit 2020.

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