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CultureSuite: The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

At CultureWise, we champion all the Fundamentals that form the basis of our company. But as we work on developing and delivering our products, two stand out: Do What’s Best for the Customer and Be Relentless about Improvement. As we focus on clients’ challenges and goals, we continuously look for ways to add more value to the CultureWise experience.

CultureSuite is our latest breakthrough advancement in response to clients’ evolving needs.

This new system offers all the functionality of the CultureWise mobile app but delivered through a web application instead. The difference: People can access CultureSuite on any device without downloading it on their phones or computers, making it a seamless user experience.

CultureSuite is another step in our commitment to make CultureWise the most convenient and effective way to help organizations form an extraordinary, high-performing culture.

The new platform will also enable CultureWise to add more features in the future. For example, by the end of 2024, clients using Microsoft Teams will have access to CultureSuite Teams integration.

Creating a Culture Operating System

When he launched CultureWise ten years ago, Founder and CEO David Friedman wanted to make the culture-building curriculum and guides he developed as accessible as possible. Along with CultureWise cofounder Sean Sweeney and technology partner Miles IT, he began by designing a system that primarily provided these resources to people via email.

This initial program was the first iteration of the company’s culture operating system, delivering engaging curriculum, coaching content, and interaction opportunities. As CultureWise Director of Operations Jake Friedman explains,

“Clients found it a highly effective and easy-to-use means to help their employees learn and practice their organizations’ Fundamentals. They loved receiving a “turnkey” system that required minimal effort to fully engage in a culture initiative.”

While the original system worked for many businesses, the CultureWise team began to hear from companies whose workforce was not computer-based. As a result, they created a mobile app to respond to the needs of clients in sectors like manufacturing, construction, and distribution. Many other CultureWise clients began using the app because of its convenience.

The CultureWise App supplied the same dynamic educational content previously delivered via email, while adding a number of additional tools and features for people using smartphones. It put the program in the palm of everyone’s hand and made it easy to participate in the activities regardless of location. This mode of delivering the Fundamentals program was a welcome update as the app craze accelerated.

The CultureSuite Debut

In late 2023, the CultureWise team built upon the successes of the mobile app and took the program to new heights by creating CultureSuite. The new software is accessible as a single web application on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and IOS and Android smartphones, with no download needed. And while it functions as a website, people can interact with it on their phones like an app if they choose.

Jake Friedman outlines why CultureSuite creates an advantage for clients:

“Our twin north stars of development at CultureWise are to:

  1. Provide effective, relevant teaching content to help clients’ employees internalize their Fundamentals.
  2. Provide the best delivery platform to automate the weekly rituals companies practice to reinforce the Fundamentals.

With CultureSuite, we’re giving people a choice of accessing the content in whatever way is most convenient for them. Clients no longer have to ask employees to put the app on their phones. Depending on their daily needs, people can choose the best device to use at any time.”

In addition, operating from a single platform will streamline the processes for the CultureWise team to implement updates, add new content, and correct any IT issues that may arise.

Clients currently on the CultureWise app can easily convert to CultureSuite. It comes at no additional cost, and making the change involves just a few simple steps. The CultureSuite platform is designed in a user-friendly format and includes the library of content found on the CultureWise app with some new enhancements:

  • Weekly insights, plus archived insights
  • Quick tips
  • eMinder lessons
  • Coaching guides
  • Teaching points
  • Questions for discussion
  • Videos
  • Client Fundamentals, with comment fields
  • Kudos!
  • Leaderboard

Jake Friedman points out that clients who are happy with the mobile app are more than welcome to continue using that solution.

“But as we develop new features, such as the Microsoft Teams integration, we’ll be designing those just for CultureSuite rather than creating different versions for the Apple app, the Android app, and the original email-only version.”

For example, soon clients with CultureSuite will see the addition of a button linking to the CultureWise blog. This new feature will give all users access to informative articles, videos, and podcasts every week, and will include the catalog of previous issues.

Jake Friedman explains why offering this fresh content is an advantage for clients: “The more information we can put in a leader’s hands or their employees’ hands, the more educated about culture they’ll be.”

CultureSuite requires little effort from employers and only a few minutes of employee interaction a day. Yet it is a highly effective tool that will help CultureWise clients develop teamwide behaviors that form a high-performing culture. Ultimately, CultureSuite is the means to build strong, unified teams that give companies a competitive edge.