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The Power of Cyclical Rituals

What\’s the Ideal Cycle?

 In my last blog post, I wrote about the power of “cyclical rituals” to create deeper learning and penetration. In this post, I\’ll look at the question of how spaced apart our cycles should be.

You may remember from a previous blog post that I developed the concepts behind the Fundamentals System™ after an experience I had learning about Ritz-Carlton and the Basics they practice through their Daily Line-ups. These line-ups happen every day in every department and in every shift, all around the world.

A different approach

My company was an insurance agency, and since we didn\’t have departments and shifts in quite the same way, I didn\’t think the daily line-up would be as effective for us. Instead, I chose to focus on one Fundamental each week through a variety of different rituals. While we have a few clients who follow the Ritz-Carlton daily method, the vast majority of our clients use a weekly cycle. When we\’re implementing the Fundamentals System™, I\’m often asked about the recommended cycle. Here\’s my advice:

Daily or weekly

For those companies who either already have daily shift meetings or for whom this would fit naturally in the way they operate, I think daily can be very effective. The biggest advantage to this is the increased frequency of repetition sinceeach topic will be addressed that many more times each year. The disadvantage is that it may be difficult to find enough meaningful things to say about each topic with the repetition being that much more frequent.

For most companies, the weekly cycle seems to be the most effective. The cycle is short enough to ensure there is appropriate focus, yet it\’s long enough to provide multiple opportunities for almost everyone to participate throughout the week. Nearly all of our clients follow this system of having a Fundamental of the Week.

In my experience, anything less than weekly diminishes the effectiveness significantly. The more spread out it is, the less focused we are, and the less we learn. If we talk about the Fundamental today, and we don\’t talk about another one until next month, it\’s simply to spread out to have much impact. If you\’d like to learn more about how you can creates powerful, cyclical rituals to teach and reinforce your culture, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.