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Your Culture:  A Path to Great Leadership

As leaders, you are well aware that the spotlight never shines too far away from you. Your role as a source of inspiration, teacher, coach, counselor and visionary is a 24/7 commitment. It\’s not easy always being “on” and having your leadership plan scripted out.  Until now.

As most of you know from reading our HPC Blogs, critical to a sustainable high performing culture is 100% ownership by the leader of the organization.  Two blogs ago, David stressed the importance of Leading by Example.  Without the obvious energy, passion and disciplined commitment coming from the leader, the pursuit of a high performing culture will fail and end up in the corporate graveyard of “shiny new toy” initiatives that met their untimely deaths due to undisciplined commitment and follow-through.

The Weekly Fundamental

I recently had check-in conversations with two of our CEO clients asking how their high performing culture journey was progressing.  One CEO was already on week #12 of his weekly Fundamental review ritual and the other was on week #6.  You\’ll recall from previous blogs the importance of Step 2 in the Fundamentals System™, 8-Step framework – Ritualizing the Practice of your Fundamentals.  The most important ritual that all of our clients practice isthe CEO\’s review of the Fundamental of the week. Each week the leader shares (via email or even video) his/her thoughts on what that particular week\’s Fundamental means to them and how it is guiding them daily.  Not all stories are strictly business.  In fact, some are quite personal.

Bridging the Gap

Both CEOs were very excited by the sustained energy and commitment of their organizations, from front line employees through management, towards the weekly practice of their Fundamentals.  But they provided one additional piece of feedback that really made their socks go up and down.  They couldn\’t believe the number of employees sharing with them how much they enjoyed getting their Fundamental of the week emails. The employees were learning from the personal stories and said they were “getting to know” their CEOs better.  One CEO commented that he felt he was bridging the often perceived gap between the “corner office” and the “front lines.”  They also mentioned that it\’s not easy writing a short email each week, but offered the gain totally outweighed the pain.

Becoming Better Leaders

This ritual is giving these two leaders a weekly platform from which to teach, coach, inspire, build trust and LEAD!  They\’re working from a defined curriculum (their defined Fundamentals) with thoughtful consistency.  They\’re becoming even better leaders. . . and steering clear of the “shiny new toy” initiatives graveyard!

If you\’d like to learn more about a path to even better leadership through a high performing culture, give us a buzz or shoot us an email.  We\’d be glad to help.  And it\’s easier than you think!